11 Jul 2023 - Richard Horridge

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Life moves quickly, and we are now almost two years since the last post on this blog.

While many things have changed, many things are still the same. The theme for today's blog post is a theme that I keep encountering more and more as I get older (and hopefully wiser).

Our lives can seem chaotic and disorganised, and this is a reflection of the world at large. No matter how hard we strive ourselves the world on the whole is a complex, disparate mess. There is little we can do to effect change on such a large system.

I've found that my life makes a lot more sense when viewed in terms of the systems that we do have power over - the activities, hobbies, sports, relationships, clubs, workplaces that we interact with on a daily basis.

We will not become master of everything the world has to offer in our lifetimes, or even if we live 1000 times over. We will not become responsible for the planet as a whole. Even high profile leaders around the globe are woefully ignorant of all but a tiny fraction of its systems.

We make a choice on what to engage with, and our lives will be happier if we can discard as much of the dross as possible and choose to spend time on things that matter to us. This can be anything that we make it. We cannot truly know ahead of time, however, which things we can control and which things we choose to accept we have no control of.

Some examples:

We have full control over how we choose to live our lives and almost no control over anything else. Whatever it is that we choose to do, we can recognise where we have control and where we don't, and with experience we will learn the difference.

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