Weekly Update 1

18 May 2020 - Richard Horridge

2020-05-18 Mon 09:41

During this current crisis, I have been very fortunate to have work to occupy me. These times are challenging for us all, and I am particularly susceptible as I am isolated from friends and family. I've decided to try and start doing weekly reviews of where I am at, looking over the previous week's accomplishments and failures, setting goals for the next week and evaluating the bigger picture.

To start with, I have a few things I'd like to be able to get out of this lockdown:

Two of these are fitness-related things which I can work on at any point (though it is good to keep track of them!). The DIY one is harder to pin down and there are quite a lot of things that I need to do regularly, such as maintenance, cutting the lawn, cleaning etc. There are a few things there that I would like to be able to achieve, however:

Looking back at the previous week, there are quite a lot of things that I accomplished. I collected some furniture (involving a long drive for the moment!) from around Birmingham and delivered it to a lady moving home to escape domestic violence, as part of my work for the Selly Oak foodbank. We had another successful quiz, which was a great opportunity to socialise and see people. I helped organise and run a successful Rumba Technique class over Zoom. We took part in a fun Cards Against Humanity session. I did shopping for a lady which involved a trip to Seoul Plaza, a new experience for me!

I wasn't able to do as much running as I had hoped but I did get out once. Music-wise, I've been practicing fairly regularly but haven't sat down and recorded anything for a little while - next week that might be something to aim for.

This week, I'd like to accomplish a few things:

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