Weekly Update 4

08 Jun 2020 - Richard Horridge

2020-06-08 Mon 09:33

Has it been four of these already? Let's look back at the top level tasks:

Looking at last week's goals, I accomplished 2 of them - I visited Bethany and Ben, and I created a plan for the Ph.D. I am likely to be working more on Network Rail things this week, and I have my leave of absence active now which gives me a lot more time before any Ph.D deadlines arrive.

Old habits, however, are starting to return - my general mental health has been quite up and down and I am starting to relapse more. I'm hopeful that I am able to cope but it's alright if not.

I met quite a few people last week - Jenny, Chelsea, Bethany, James and Ben, for which I am very grateful. I also bought a 12 string guitar which has been really fun to play.

This week, I'd like to accomplish a few things:

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